Tips for Long Term Weight Loss (and of course a happy & healthy life!)

For those who know us and the Alternate Routes mentality behind weight loss, know that it’s not something that we make as our main focus or motivation. Just because we don’t weigh or measure our clients, doesn’t mean we can’t help you achieve those goals. We like to recognize that there’s nothing better then going to your closet, pulling out an outfit you want to wear, putting it on, and feeling comfortable and walking away without trying on 1 million other outfits before you feel okay to go out. This doesn’t happen by obsessing over a number on a scale or critiquing every inch of your body. This happens with time and dedication to your health and happiness. And when you feel comfortable in your own body, we want that to be for life. 

Our technique to achieving the body composition you want is:

1- Focus on the things that you can commit to changing now. 

Ex. A workout or yoga routine, eating less non-food items, stop drinking pop or cappuccinos everyday, going for a walk every morning, deep breathing before meals to trigger your rest + digest response, go to bed before 10:30 etc. 

This goal will depend on the individual, what is achievable and realistic to change. We usually choose something small that will add up to big results. 

We start working away one at a time at things that are keeping your body from being balanced and well. 

2- Maintain Consistency. 

Figure out how to stay accountable to yourself and your routine/habits you are changing. If you fall off, figure out why. Instead of beating yourself up about it, just get right back on track. The more you practice this, the faster you will just get back on track time after time. Nobody is perfect. If you go into this thinking you’re never gonna slip off the plan, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The trick is understanding you are human and to give yourself some flexibility. This is how this will be sustainable for life. 

3- Achieve Optimal Health. 

After you go through a “Foundation Phase” of cleaning out the body, getting it moving, teaching it new things and detoxing old, eventually your body will just work. The communication between your mind and body is back and everything feels good. You don’t get as many cravings, your digestive system works, your energy is unreal, workouts are feeling easier then when you started, you are getting strong, you sleep well, and stress feels manageable. 

4- Achieve anything you set your mind to by setting fun goals!

At this point your body composition will have likely changed and you are feeling good, without having focused on achieving a weight loss goal at all. Instead, you are focused on fun attainable goals, like being able to walk so many km in the morning, recovering faster between sets in your workout, or doing different exercises that were hard initially. You could focus on what food you need each day to keep you energized. Maybe you needed to eat more food in the morning when you are crazy busy but you don’t need it at night OR you work night shifts and your body works the opposite than what someone on a regular shift does and you need extra nutrients to compensate for being off your natural circadian rhythm. This is why it’s so important to build your own custom meal plan, and recognize that everyday is also changing depending on what you are doing, the energy you are expending and if you are recovering or healing your body in any way. 

Going through the process, listening to your body and learning what it really wants is key for long term success. 

Once you get what you want, it can be forever and all you will have to do everyday is wake up, be mindful and do what feels good for you that day! 

5- Enjoy the Journey

The journey is a process. Results may not happen overnight and just because you have been eating good for a couple months doesn’t mean that it will combat the years of stress you may have put it under. Be patient. The food you eat can literally regenerate the tissues, organs and glands in the body, but that definitely doesn’t happen over night. Also- a small reminder that artificial sweeteners, low cal, low carb, low fat products don’t mean they are healthy. Some of these foods can be doing the opposite for you. (So if you do think you are eating healthy and not feeling better, be open to trying something different and reach out if you don’t know what that is.) What your body needs will change through your journey, so don’t think just because something initially worked that it’s the only thing that will. Be flexible, stay consistent, stay positive, enjoy the process and most importantly, love and learn about who you are every step of the way.

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