Personal Training

Are you interested in Personal Training but are unsure where to start? No Problem! That’s what we’re here for!

Let’s book you in for a Complimentary Consultation and we can talk about your goals, needs, and timeframe in which you would like to see some results. Remember, everyone is different, so no matter what your current lifestyle is like, we are more then happy to assist you with any of your needs! Beginners and Pros Welcome!

Personal Training Single Sessions:

Ideal for those looking for individual tips or information on form and technique apart from specialized programs, or someone who wants to schedule a workout with a trainer for extra motivation apart from their own workout routine. Sessions are 1 hour in length.

60 Minute Level 1 Personal Trainer Session: $75 plus tax

60 Minute Level 2 Personal Trainer Session: $85 plus tax

60 Minute Level 3 Personal Trainer Session: $95 plus tax

Custom Training Program:

Perfect for someone who works out on their own at home or at a gym and would like a customized program for their goals. This includes one phase of a program (4-8 weeks) and an hour with a trainer to demonstrate and answer any questions.

60 Minute Custom Training Program Session: $100 plus tax

Training Programs:

Personal Training really is the best way to hold yourself accountable to your workouts by making that appointment in your schedule and having someone else reminding you of your health and wellness goals.

After deciding on the duration of time you will be working out with your trainer for, you will have a custom program built for your needs. Everybody’s goals are different, and we make sure we listen to you. We design programs for beginner’s who are starting a health and fitness routine and want to learn proper workout form and technique, as well as those looking to excel and increase their current fitness levels, or those who want to maintain strength, increase mobility and stay pain free.

You will learn proper range of motion, proper biomechanics, self-myofascial release for tight and overused muscles and the basics of healthy nutritional habits, as well as stress management techniques. We focus on energy input and output to make your life feel less stressed and help coach you to maintain balance within life’s busy schedule and its regular ebbs and flows.

For those who have decided to commit to a longer duration of training, once we ensure your body has good functional movement patterns and a solid foundation we begin to challenge you and push your boundaries.

Each week you will continue to see strength, endurance and stamina changes in your body. You will learn to recognize your accomplishments without weighing yourself on a scale, and learn to love your body and its capabilities.

We are committed to getting you to see your full potential and moving your body as it’s been designed to do, working with any previous injuries or overuse strain you may be dealing with. We can help anyone looking to conquer pain and stiffness from everyday living and degenerative disease, or just help hold you accountable to your goals. Personal Training is perfect for those who have a busy schedule – business owners, shift-workers, teachers, nurses or moms – and love the idea of having someone else plan their workout!

Training programs are purchased in a package and vary from a minimum of 16 sessions up to 192 Sessions depending on your specific needs and goals. Book a Complementary Consultation with one of our trainers and we can help you determine where to start, or check out our Personal Training Guide to help give you an idea of what may be best for you.

Level 1 Personal Trainer: $50 plus tax/session

Level 2 Personal Trainer: $60 plus tax/session

Level 3 Personal Trainer: $70 plus tax/session

All Programs can be made into a custom payment plan.

We want to make it as easy for you to get started, feel free to call or come in to see what works best for you!