What is a Steel Mace?

A Steel Mace is an offset weighted piece of equipment. Using the push and pull technique, and mind/body connection, it truly is a full body workout.

I’m curious about Steel Mace, but don’t know where to begin?

Our Steel Mace and Bodyweight foundations is a great place to start. In this foundation we will teach you how to safely use your Steel Mace.

I need help with my Steel Mace, is there One-on-One Steel Mace Training?

If there is something you are struggling with or just need to make sure you are doing things correctly we offer one-on-one Virtual Training to help you though anything you need.

I’m interested in Personal Training, how do I start?

We offer a consultation for Virtual Training, you can find it here.

What is included in an Alternate Routes Subscription?

You will receive access to our Video on Demand, and Accountability Calendars which will include Nutritional information.