Our Vibe

Make today ridiculously amazing.

Our one-of-a-kind health and wellness centre is located on Main Street in Woodstock, where you will find happy colours, smiling faces and a unique facility where we focus on our clients and all things good for you.

Our location accommodates a fitness facility for our open gym, one-on-one personal training & nutrition clients, fascial stretch therapy and also offers space for our group training & yoga classes!

Our facility offers a wide range of programs for all individuals who wish to excel and improve their overall health and wellness.


​Whole body holistic coaching, results-driven workouts, and relaxation services every REAL person needs.

​Known to our clients as their ‘second home’, the Alternate Routes team works to help each client achieve balance in their busy life. Knowing that each body is unique and every client’s needs and goals are different, we work to provide every individual with a custom program that will help them achieve their own path of health and happiness.

Alternate Routes will change how you live each day forward. Mindful, realistic and positive. You will learn how to put yourself first in a hectic world, without any magic pills, fad diets or obsessing over a scale.

​Loving who you are, and knowing what you need to live the best life possible.

​We look forward to seeing you soon!


  • I have great time joining every class at Alternate Routes. Stretching my body. Relaxing my mind. Erin helps me a lot to gain my balance.

    Alisa Brown

  • Alternate Routes is the way I keep my balance of daily life. It gives me time to relax peacefully and get my energy back after a long day of working.

    Jessica Chloe

  • I have great time learning about nutrition at Alternate Routes. Strength training combined with eating healthy helps me live well.

    John Moore

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