New Year, Same Beautiful Soul

Looking into the new year we often think about the things we should change and often focus on things we don’t like about our life or about ourselves, starting another year, once again, in a negative mindset. 

Why not start this year trying to think about all the things you love about yourself or when you FEEL the most like YOU, and do those things more!

 No one else knows or can tell you what you need to do to be happy. But you know. Deep in that beautiful unique soul of yours, you know. 

I often encourage those trying to feel good to do something each day that’s for themselves. Setting aside some time for yourself to do something you love allows you to be focused on other tasks during the day with ease knowing that you have already done something for yourself to refuel your tank and lift you up. 

Choose things that empower you, allow you to be creative, keep you connected to who you are, connected to nature, and keep your mind free. 

My things are working out, eating good food, listening to music, going for a hike or bike ride with my family, yoga or meditation, relaxing at home with a tea and a good book, laughing with my family (or better yet, watching my daughter laugh) or going for a run by myself. I need all of those things on a pretty steady rotation or my train seems to derail and I turn into someone I don’t like. This is when my choices become foggy and more a method of survival vs. nourishment. So, unhealthy vs. healthy. 

What are the things that make you feel clear, focused and most like you?

                   Write them down.

This year we aren’t setting a goal with a start and finish date where we cut things out, deprive ourselves and try to turn off emotions we so clearly can’t ignore. This year we are just going to start by setting intentions daily. Listen to yourself, listen to what your body, mind and soul wants AND NEEDS and make time for it. Choose one of YOUR things that you need most THAT DAY and do it. Nothing is of greater priority. 

Be mindful, present and patient with yourself. Life is full of ebbs and flows and the secret is to clear the body of toxicity and junk (physically and mentally) so you can listen carefully to what you truly need. Set intentions not expectations and be able to change plans if things aren’t lining up the way you planned. 

Love who you are, with all of your emotions and take some time to listen to your beautiful soul. 

Peace, Love & Positive Vibes,


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