Keep the Momentum

Lately I’ve been surrounded by some incredibly motivated people and I wanted to share how wonderful that makes me feel. 

It’s incredible the feeling you have after being in a room with someone who has just killed a workout, even if they have had a bad day. They have changed their mindset to conquer stress and negativity, and turn on the positive and powerful mindset instead. They are focused, determined and striving to be the best version of themselves they possibly can be. 

They are consistent and show up to themselves even when days can be stressful, proving to themselves that they deserve that time for themselves. That whatever it is that’s stressing them out doesn’t control them. That the racing mind can be controlled with just 30min of exercise. 

It doesn’t matter if you lift your heaviest or go your fastest, what matters is that you focus on today and giving yourself that time for you. Because just by doing that, these people in my life are conquering things that they never thought possible. 

Goals I’ve seen being crushed lately: 

  • Not letting a boss ruin their entire day when this once was something that would happen often (leading to high stress, skipped workouts and lack of sleep). Changing the way she perceived the situation allowed her to conquer her day without taking on energy she couldn’t control. 
  • I’ve seen endless PRs (Personal Records) in the gym, from Deadlifts to 360s, to trying new classes they once thought would be hard or improving mobility and getting into a bodyweight move better and transitioning smoother. 
  • Activities outside of the gym are getting easier, and accomplishing things that last year would have been challenging or impossible! 
  • Meal Prepping has been on fire lately too! Motivated to eat healthy food to fuel the body, learn what makes them feel good and cut the stuff that doesn’t. Finding new recipes and having a plan for the week makes life so much easier = happier + healthier days.
  • And soooo much less pain! Recurring injuries are fading by doing their mobility homework, yoga, or getting a Fascial Stretch session when they feel their body needs one instead of waiting to get too stiff and injured. 
  • Recovery from workouts are even getting better! Which means I know they are eating well, and stretching more! 
  • Pelvic Floor and Core issues are being recognized and focused on, instead of ignored. Knowing that setting the strength from the inside out will make a difference down the road in reducing pain in the back and pelvis, reducing incontinence and improving the support of the spine. Having successful clients restore their core and participate in regular exercise is AMAZING!! 

These are all the things that lift me up. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you just do something for yourself each day, wonderful things can happen. 

I am so incredibly proud of each one of you who does this, and all of us at Alternate Routes are grateful to be a part of your journey. We ❤️ you. 

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