“As she let go of adventures not meant for her, she was brought new ones aligned with her magic.”

This quote came through on a social media page the other day and it made me feel exactly what I needed to feel. Closing a chapter in your life is always scary and unknown but the universe always has something new waiting around the corner. You have to trust it and go with your gut even if it’s a hard leap to take. 

As children we would never do something for longer then 5 minutes that didn’t align with making us feel good. So try not to carry things with you for long if your gut is telling you to make change. If it doesn’t provide you peace, love or joy, then it’s gotta go. Save space and energy to do the things that you are meant to do, that light you up and give you those high vibe positive feels! You know, the feeling when everything is just right, everyone around you is happy because you’re happy and nothing can stand in your way. Aim for those moments, and make more days feel like that! 

And remember, not everyone is going to agree with all the decisions you make in your life. It’s okay. Listen to the space within you that is guiding your way, and not your neighbour. They won’t be with you in your later years when you’re reflecting on how you lived YOUR best life. 

Whatever changes you are making, you got this. Slow down in the meantime and enjoy what you have around you now instead of searching for the next best thing. Keep life simple and enjoy ❤️

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