Welcome February

Our LOVE month.  Naturally I rebel any commercialized holiday. I don’t love the idea of feeling obligated to buy something just because society says. But I do love the idea of embracing and focusing on all the things in life we love.  So this February my challenge to you is, within your daily gratitude practice, choose to focus on the

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Stronger Together

Moving into the New Year we are inspired by our amazing members who show up each day and give it their all. Together we have built an amazing community of people who support, empower and encourage one another to be their best. We want to continue to embrace and grow this culture of being stronger together. Alternate Routes is a

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Keep the Momentum

Lately I’ve been surrounded by some incredibly motivated people and I wanted to share how wonderful that makes me feel. It’s incredible the feeling you have after being in a room with someone who has just killed a workout, even if they have had a bad day. They have changed their mindset to conquer stress and negativity, and turn on

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